MicrodermabrasionWe all want to stall the aging process as much as possible. Short of turning ourselves into robots, the microdermabrasion approach is perhaps the most productive and accessible means to fore-go natural aging and enhance a youthful look for as long as possible. The technique is adverse and straightforward, but it has its fair share of detractors. Its benefits are well understood, and costs saving techniques are being deployed to make the process simpler than ever.

Battling Our Greatest Enemy: Aging

Aging cannot be beat – for now. Many men and women deploy various strategies to keep aging minimal. These may include botox on the more extreme end of things. Despite this, general advancements in technology and public acceptance are pushing this technique into more facilities. Chemical peels and facials are a bit more temporary, but substantially less effective because of it.

When these strategies are used, they are often battling the three major areas of aging in the face.

  • Acne/age spot scarring
  • Wrinkles
  • Face texture

The texture has a lot to do with the dips and marks in the face itself. These are separate from wrinkles, which are prolonged and arguably the hardest to deal with on a monthly basis. Some do not face age spots and acne scars, but the other two are generally unavoidable attributes of general aging.

Though chemical peels are effective in small doses and temporarily, they do not simultaneously detract all three of the above aging elements.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Fortunately, a new strategy is quickly taking over, and it has the means and the evidence to treat spotty skin texture, wrinkles, and age spots in one full swoop. This technique is, of course, microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion softens the face to smooth wrinkles as well as dissuade age spots and decrease the visibility of acne scars. This general softness will ward off the overall appearance of aging. The technique has been polarizing because so many resources state that they provide it, but they do it at a greatly inferior quality.

Microdermabrasion decreases pore size as well, which is one of the leading attributes to deter sweating and break outs. This makes it easier for skin care products to breach the skin and move into the deepest layers. Furthermore, collagen is allowed to build up at greater levels, establishing a more youthful look all around.

Understanding the Technology

Microdermabrasion is rather complex when one dissects the technology of the strategy. It removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells from the face. It does not irritate the face because it is only removing dead cells that have no nerves attached. Other scrubbing technology can be abrasive because it is actually digging at the healthy skin itself.

It also implements crystal technology. It is made up of a vacuum that picks up the dead skin cells. Afterwards, a spray will go over the face (and other subsequent areas if applicable) which will soak and penetrate the skin.

Are There Side Effects or Health Concerns?

The side effects are almost universally attached to the individual doing the procedure. There have been cases where individuals faced spotted bleeding. This is because the user was too strong on the device itself, allowing it to penetrate the skin. Abrasive marks may also appear, even if the device was implemented rather softly. The technology is very subtle, and professionals should practice the technique for an extended period of time before diving right into the procedure on actual people.

Microdermabrasion should be absolutely avoided if a patient has especially sensitive skin. The procedure could actually create little scars on the face if done improperly. This is where a lot of the controversy and opinionated suggestions appear. A combination of sensitive skin and particularly aggressive usage could be disastrous. But this is only the case in extreme situations and incredible sensitive skin types. This may also include individuals with diabetes or vascular disorders.

Where do you get them?

Microdermabrasion can generally be obtained in a medical spa, and this is the most recommended area to receive this. Staff members are regulated with greater focus, and particularly trained to use the equipment. Hotel spas and day spas also offer it. Though they are still viable and trained, the overall standards of practice are not as focused on in these types of facilities. Medial spas are required to carry long trained estheticians. It is smart to research the facility in detail before opting for the procedure. Do they have a solid track record? Are they willing to answer questions openly and clearly?

So how do they compare, really?

Microdermabrasion ResultsMicrodermabrasion is a fascinating procedure because its functionality and practically is not speculated on. In skin care, few strategies are so inherently effective for just about everyone. Furthermore, they do not always include aging treatment on all fronts. Microdermabrasion usually consists of a series of treatments. The first is simply a test run. It acts as the barometer in which all others follow, and is conducted based on skin type and sensitivity. Medical spas will feel out the technology and the individual, and use this initial run as a sample of what is to come.

A single treatment may range from $100 to $150, and some will go up to $300 or more. Professional medial spas will often provide a total of six treatments over the course of a month or two. They break each one up in a notable and logical way to allow the skin to heal and to maximize efficiency without crunching everything in. It makes the process seamless and viable in the long term.

This is not a procedure that garners immediate results. It is an extensive and long term plan that will ward off aging for a long period of time. Many people live and breathe these treatments, and they have shaved off years because of their focus and determination to make it work. There are many temporary options, but few seem to have the lasting impact of microdermabrasion.

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