Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil Many have yet to discover the potential benefits of coconut oil. It has numerous amazing health benefits that make it an exceptional natural treatment for many conditions. Coconut oil is not exactly a full liquid, so it is not actually as effectual as pure liquid “essential oils” like clove oil or olive oil. However, it is more of a liquid than butter, so it has some level of potential in improving one’s lifestyle. The purpose of this article is to discuss the many different ways that coconut oil can have a positive impact in one’s life. However, please note that coconut oil has not been clinically proven to do any of the things listed below, but there are many firsthand accounts that say that it can have some (or all) of these effects listed below. So, what is coconut oil capable of?

Skin Uses

Here are just a few of the methods that we have discovered by which coconut oil can have a positive impact on one’s skin. Many of these practices require repeated, daily treatments, so don’t stop if there are no results after a day or two. Give each treatment at least a week to see if it takes effect:

  • Coconut oil has moisturizing properties that make it useful, simply, as a lotion
  • Can be used as a deodorant
  • It can (supposedly) kill yeast infections when put on the skin
  • Softens skin to keep it supple and stop the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy
  • Provides a very small amount of UV ray protection
  • Again, supposedly, helps bruises or cuts to heal more quickly
  • Can be used as a sort of “aloe vera” after sunburn
  • Combine with a small amount of salt to remove old, cracked skin on the feet
  • Surprisingly, can help deal with hemorrhoids after irritable bowel movements, or otherwise, lack of bowel movements
  • It may help speed up the process of removing make-up from the faces of those who wear heavy makeup

Cooking Uses

Of course, the skin treatment options listed above with the use of coconut oil are only a few of the vast number of ideas that are out there. After all, there are many other creative and useful ways to put coconut oil to work. Here is a list of just a few cool ways that we have found that one can use this special oil in cooking:

  • It is a good substitute for some of the more dangerous chemicals in Mayonnaise if one decides to home-make some
  • If used in different cooking recipes, it will speed up one’s metabolism due to the high lauric acid it contains
  • When combined with a tablespoon of chia seeds, coconut oil can act as a sort of “b-12” like energy boost that can last the whole day
  • Coconut oil, used in small amounts in food, can help to increase the healthiness of a person’s gums
  • It can be used as a basic start-up ingredient (i.e. similar to butter or margarine in a pan) in iron skillets
  • Supposedly, when a very small amount is mixed with hot tea and drunk, it improves one’s chances of improving from bad cold symptoms or the flu much more quickly
  • Many have said that putting coconut oil in their food has helped to improve their sleep quality at night, and others have said that it has lessened their symptoms of depression

Clearly, according to all the testimony that has been accrued, there are many benefits to using coconut oil on a daily basis. In fact, the tidbits concerning the different uses for this product, which are listed above, don’t even scratch the surface of all the ideas out there. So, research more! Find out what other ways coconut oil can have a healthy impact on one’s life! It truly is amazing!

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