Almond Oil

Almond OilDid you know that almond oil, the basic, everyday type that you can buy at almost any food-based store, actually has some incredible properties that make it useful for day-to-day living?  In fact, the oil that comes out of this nut can be put to a myriad of uses—from skin, to face, to hair—almond oil has a use for everything.  As it turns out, when a baby is a really little feller, he or she has a special type of oil that arises on their skin to keep them soft like butter.  Have you ever heard the saying “softer than a baby’s bottom”?  Well, that oil that comes naturally to babies is what makes them so smooth.  And, as it turns out, the oil that comes from an almond has a very similar effect on all ages!  It’s rather funny actually, because this age-old oil, which used to only be sold in grocery stores, is now being transformed into lotions, shampoos, and all kinds of other body treatments and sold in bath stores.

What is it made of?

Almond oil comes in two varieties: the sweet kind and the bitter kind.  Luckily for you, you don’t have to eat either kind, and both kinds are very beneficial to your skin health.  Almond oil is made up of Vitamin A, B, and E, all of which are great for improving the quality of your skin.  So, why should you pay to use almond oil?

  1. First off, this oil can be used by all skin types at all ages.  It is also different from other oils.  Most oils have been worked up by different companies, and when they finally get to you they are full of all kinds of by-products that are terrible for your skin.  However, almond oil is light on your skin, and it gets absorbed extremely fast.  This means that, unlike other oils, almond oil will not block your pores for a great length of time, which can cause many skin issues.
  2. If you put almond oil under your eyes continuously while you go to sleep, it will remove “baggy looking” eyes and take away line marks.
  3. Almond oil not only serves as a lotion, it also serves as a skin cleanser.   This means that you could use it in the shower to rub off all of the dead epidermis that has built up on your arms and legs.
  4. Finally, almond oil serves as a skin soother.  So, if you have irritated skin, put a little bit of almond oil on and watch as it works miracles with your skin problems.

Other Uses

Almond NutsWant to know some peculiar ways that you can put almond oil to use?  Believe me, there are plenty more ways to use almond oil than the ones we about to show you, but we wanted to share just a few of the cool/strange/downright weird ones with you for your enjoyment:

  1. Is your chapstick not doing the job?  Are your lips still chapped even though you put on the stuff twenty minutes ago? Have no fear, almond oil is the answer!
  2. If you put a little bit of almond oil on your nails each day and allow it to sit there, it will ensure that your nails stay shiny and full!  Almond oil acts as a moisturizer, so when that oil sinks down underneath your nails it will make sure that they stay as strong as could be because they will be getting all the nutrients that they need.
  3. As we mentioned above, almond oil is a very light oil and very good for your skin.  However, it also acts as an extractor for your pores.  So, believe it or not, almond oil is the perfect makeup remover.

Almond oil—Medicine or Lotion?

On top of all the uses for almond oil listed above, it has actually been shown that almond oil is extremely good for your health.  If you will make it a regular part of your life, it can have a number of good benefits on you.  Here are just a few of the ways that almond oil can help you:

  1. Almond oil is loaded with potassium, which can improve your chances of not having serious heart problems.  If you can find a way to work almond in with your food, taking it daily would be a solid choice.
  2. It is a great boost to your body’s defense system.  If you have a virus or bacterial sickness that attacks you, having almond oil in your system can greatly help your chances of fighting it off without ever getting more than the sniffles.
  3. For the athletes out there, almond oil is actually wonderful for healing bruises, muscles that have been overworked (or injured), and getting you back on track to athletic-type readiness.  If you heat up almond oil (not too much! Just to a comfortable level), place it on the affected muscle, and massage it into your skin, it will help to heal the problem more quickly.

The Clear Choice

So, with all of these ways that almond oil can help you, it seems clear that the obvious choice is to use it as much as you can.  It is relatively cheap to buy, it comes packed as a pretty copious amount, and it can work wonders in your life (if used on a regular schedule).  If you can, work almond oil into your food wherever you can, shower with it at morning and at night, and test it out in other ways to see if it can do anything else for you.  You would be surprised!

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